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The College Luminaries Program is where ambition meets accomplishment.

The College of Arts and Sciences Luminaries Program gives College undergraduate students a unique opportunity to gain leadership and professional experience that will help them transition into life after earning their degree.

We're looking for people who want to inspire and be inspired.

Our Most Recent Event

Workshop with Sarah Fargo

Join English alumna Sarah Fargo for a workshop event that will advise participants on navigating the business side of the entertainment industry.

Current + Past Luminaries

  1. Michael Gapen

    Ph.D Economics, 2004

  2. Sarah Fargo

    B.A. English Literature, 1981

  3. Amy Balcius

    B.A. Journalism and English, 1994

  4. Kenneth Buechler

    Ph.D. Biochemistry, 1981

  5. Charlie Clifford

    B.A. English, 1965

  6. Beth Davies

    B.A. Forensic Studies, 1984

  7. Eli Flournoy

    B.A. Political Science, 1991

  8. James McGee

    B.A. Political Science, 1977

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  1. Read 'Alumnus Steve Patton: On First Amendment Rights and Public Safety'

    Alumnus Steve Patton: On First Amendment Rights and Public Safety

    During his visit, Steve Patton discussed his experience balancing first amendment rights and public safety during the 2012 NATO Summit in Chicago.

  2. Read 'Student Success Story: Samantha Strong'

    Student Success Story: Samantha Strong

    Samantha Strong wasn't expecting to get her dream job right out of college, but when she did, she couldn't have been more excited.

  3. Read 'Student Success Story: Anna Marie Farlow'

    Student Success Story: Anna Marie Farlow

    Anna Marie Farlow went from envisioning herself in the world of dentistry to becoming a scientist. This past summer, Farlow earned an internship with the Eli Lilly Company.

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