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Luminaries Annual Fall Forum 2016

The Luminaries Annual Fall Forum is a two-day event where influential alumni, called Luminaries, return to campus to share their experiences and stories. The weekend features campus tours, panel discussions, and a meet and greet.

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  1. Sunday, October 23
  2. Welcome Back Luncheon

    Tudor Room, IMU

  3. Welcome Back Tour

    IU Bloomington Campus

  4. Meet and Greet

    Ruth N. Halls Theatre (275 N. Jordan)

  5. Monday, October 24
  6. Classroom Visits, Student Group Interactions

    Bloomington Campus

  7. Panel Discussions I

    Maple Room, IMU

  8. Panel Discussions II

    Maple Room, IMU

  9. Tuesday, October 25
  10. Classroom Visits, Student Group Interactions

    Bloomington Campus

  11. Farewell Program Lunch

    Bloomington Campus

Join us for the 2016 Meet and Greet

Join the IU College Luminaries Program Council and College Alumni Board in welcoming this year's Luminaries to campus. Connect with these remarkable professionals and other IU alumni at this exclusive reception.

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